Nu Geometry is a new way of combining the world of tech with the creative process. Another way of thinking about the same old problems. Picture the assembling of tech with the harmony of design and the aesthetics of art. By bridging this gap we focus on creating unique ideas for entertainment Production and Post Production Pipelines.

With our extended experience in studios and working in the field we have seen it all. As Techies and Artists we understand the challenges and how this affects the creative process. We are in the business of smoothing out the anomalies and making day to day work more efficient and productive.

Our knowledge ranges from Automation, Network Management, Server Hosting, Storage SAN NAS Clusters, Virtualization, Databases, Open Source Applications, Custom Scripting, Render Farms, 2D and 3D animation workflows, Studio Design, Music Production, Solar and Alternative Energy, and more.

Every studio has a unique set of challenges and struggles. With a wide variety of expertise we use common platforms and custom built tools to build out and support services, utilizing our knowledge in automation to save you money. Working smarter and implementing ideas that will reduce the need for our extended support. In many cases we will provide a supplemental boost to your current support structure, integrating and simplifying processes. The more we learn about you the better we can help, always leaving you with more control of your world than when we started.

Ultimately our goal and motto is “Our job is to get rid of our job”. With a one piece at a time approach, the more we implement the faster we accelerate the efficiencies and the quicker we eliminate the need for extended support.